Rotterdam's foremost purveyors of bluespunkthrashsurfacidrockskiffle

Beach Coma is a blues/punk/garage rock 'n' roll band from Rotterdam. The band's raw and energetic sound has been compared to The Cramps, The Wire and The Oblivians, comparisons the band aren't inclined to argue with.

The band formed in 2013 when Steffan placed an advert in a local magazine asking for bad members; Sigrun was the only person to respond, and then only to report the typo in the ad, but Steffan still managed to convince her to join him on his quest for musical nirvana (and spelling practice). As the name Nirvana was already taken, they settled on another name -- Beach Coma -- which was created using random chapter names selected from a novel by J. G. Ballard (although neither Steffan nor Sigrun can remember which novel; they both usually prefer books with pictures anyway). Diego joined the band later that year to play drums; his boom-bapping complementing their pouty blues-punk perfectly.

Beach Coma's first EP was released on Bandcamp and on cassette tapes in a limited edition in March 2015 and promoted through various gigs in The Netherlands, including Junkyard Festival, Rotterdam Riot, Eendracht Festival and followed by a UK tour. The EP was well received and the tapes have sold out, which is lucky given that the B-side consists of acoustic rehearsals and drumming on cereal boxes, recorded in Sigrun's bedroom when the band was starting out and prior to them finding their own rehearsal studio. The digital version of the A-side is still available on Bandcamp (all funds go towards fulfilling Sigrun's dream of owning a monkey with a waistcoat).

Johnny Ash accompanied the band on keys for their second tour and for an analogue recording session in the legendary Railway Hotel, Southend-on-Sea. After the tour's successful completion he joined full-time, and the band bunkered down in their rehearsal space to record their first full-length album. The album is named 'Bad Lifestyle Choices' and will be released in early 2017 to much applause and fanfare, depending on how many trumpets are in the vicinity.